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Ridiculous F1 racing simulator costs more than any car you’ll ever own

If you’re a gamer that’s over 30 years old, you no doubt spent a good portion of your childhood inside of an arcade. With so many games in one place, each arcade cabinet had to do its best to stand out. The biggest attention-grabbers were the racing games, particularly the ones sporting mock seats, steering wheels, and foot pedals. Back then, this was a close as a regular person could get to professionally (or legally) racing, and it was awesome. The glory days of the arcade has long since past, but if you are yearning to get the very best driving simulation experience out there, you’ll still be able to — provided you have close to a quarter of a million dollars to spare.

Right now, Costco UK is selling an F1 racing simulator for about $246,000. This racing sim costs more than most real-life cars. However, if money isn’t an issue for you and you have a penchant for racing without worrying about law enforcement, this will provide as authentic of an F1 experience as you can get without being a professional racer.

Below are all of the cabinet’s specs and features, taken right from the product listing:

It’s a shame arcades are few and far between nowadays, because that’s likely one of the only ways everyone who isn’t super rich would be able to play with this thing.

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