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sanity from an ex-member of the FA Movement

I am an iremember of the Fat Acceptance movement. After being
diagnosed with sleep apnea, plantar fasciitis and hypertension, I decided
that it was more important to live to see my children off to college than
to stay engaged with a movement that wasn' t doing me any good, healthwise.
Don' t get me - nobody should harass or discriminate against fat people
although people who fill up two seats on an airplane should be charged for both
seats), but encouraging obesity in a country where it is a rampant epidemic is
irresponsible. Our children are developing type 2 diabetes at an alarming rate.
I remember that when I was a kid, many of us went to McDonald' s as a special
treat every now and them Dinner consisted of a small cheeseburger, a small order
of fries in a little paper bag, and a small soda. Even my parents ate the portions
of what is now considered to be a child' s meal. Now, I see 8 year olds eating
Big Mac meals. What are their parents thinking?
Since last June, I have lost 68 pounds, and have another 32 to go before I reach
my goal weight. I exercise 5 days a week, take steps instead of elevators, and eat
mostly whole grains, lean meats and fruits and vegetables. My doctor said I will
soon be able to go off my medicine and I just was able to put away my CPAP
machine. Ifeel great, and yet, the Fat Acceptance folks would rather me feel like
crap and die at age 50 than to be healthy. Misery loves company, I guess.

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