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Gran Turismo Sport Live Spectate Mode Videos & More Details

The low speed tyre model issue demonstrated itself when you launched a car from standstill, with no step-out from the rear or torque steer from the front. Now PD did fix this to a degree late in GT6s life, with step-out occurring in MR models quite well, however it was still far too mild in FR and non-existent in FF.

Damper modelling has long been a GT area of weakness, particularly with older cars, which remained over-damped (they would settle on the springs far too quickly) and this was to a degree compounded with load transfer that reduced the effect of lift-off oversteer.

Finally the affect of aero at speed was far, far lower than it should be, as a result racecars on slicks with full aero packages just simply didnt corner and brake as they should.

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