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Dragon Subspecies Monstergirls Comp.

Hiya folks! Today we're gonna talk about the various subspecies of dragons that inhabit the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe. I'm going to try and limit myself to 3 or so pictures per species so this doesn't get too long, so apologies if I get a little wordy to fit everything in.

One other quick note: a few people have asked me "Why's everything so lewd, brah?" The short answer is that in the MGE universe, the current Demon Lord is a succubus, so she's kinda made all the evil forces in the world go from "kill to death" to "sex into submission". Hence all the monstergirls based off of traditionally evil/monstrous things, and why they look attractive instead of, well, monstrous. Alright, with that out of the way, let's dive right into learning about the majestic Ryu!

Ryu are a type of dragon based off of eastern mythology, instead of western. Their lithe body allows them to move freely through water, and even without wings their magical ability is so great that they can fly! Many call them "water dragons" or "water gods" because of their affinity for water and their ability to control the weather. Just like regular dragons, their magic ability is so strong that they can revert to their monster-only form; however, they rarely do this as they don't like to intimidate humans.

Ryu posses a kind disposition and great intelligence. This, combined with their ability to magically manipulate the weather, causes many humans to revere them as sacred beings or even worship them as gods. Many inhabit shrines, and will bring rain when asked to do so by their loyal followers. However, this requires a great amount of demonic/magical energy, which they can only replenish by harvesting a man's spirit energy, just like the lich. Generally, finding a husband isn't too difficult for they Ryu; those who worship them will happily provide a male "sacrifice" when needed.

Ryu are especially kind and loving with their husbands, with their devotion nigh unparalleled in the monster kingdom. However, it must be noted that their need for spirit energy is very great, and the time spent making love to their husbands is also nigh unparalleled. Finally, all Ryu possess a "reverse scale" different from all the others. Touching this scale causes them to be driven wild with lust, with predictable results. Hey, at least she can keep you hydrated!

Our second beastie is the Wurm. Even though wurms look similar to Ryu, they actually share more in common with the common dragon. Though they lack flight, their scales are just as tough, and if anything they meet or exceed dragons in raw strength. In fact, some call them "earth dragons" because they can even shatter boulders when moving across the earth! Apologies for the censorship, by the way. There's actually nothing lewd under there, but I figured it's best not to take chances.

Another difference between Wurms and Ryu is that while Ryu are extremely intelligent, Wurms are . . . not. In fact, Wurms are some of the simplest monstergirls in existence. This doesn't mean they're stupid, but it does mean they don't always grasp that things like fire and lightning aren't evil creatures out to get them. Their tastes are simple too: their primary concern is finding a male to mate with. If they happen to find one that catches their fancy, watch out!

Wurms will often go on a rampage when they detect a man, destroying everything in sight to get to him. Despite their near-invulnerability, they also can cover ground incredibly fast, making fighting and running equally difficult propositions. Generally, the easiest solution is to give them what they want: a man. Once a Wurm obtains a husband, her thoughts immediately turn to mating. Surprisingly, despite their terrifying power, due to their simple nature most Wurms are very obedient to their husbands. After obtaining one, they generally cause little trouble unless he is threatened.

Wyverns also share many similarities with common dragons. In many ways, they are a lesser dragon of sorts: they possess less stamina, strength, and protection than your standard dragon. They don't even have proper arms, instead possessing wing talons, similar to a harpy. However, this weakness is also their greatest strength. Wyverns are unmatched in the air, being able to out-climb, out-dive, out-maneuver, and out-fly just about anything in the monstergirl universe, including normal dragons.

Wyverns share an interesting relationship with humans. Human soldiers called "dragoons" use dragon-family species as their mounts. Since it is extremely difficult to train a dragon for such purposes (though I hear there's a book on that now), Wyverns are often their mount of choice. The only difficulty being that the Wyvern's personality is about as abrasive as their scales. Though they aren't as haughty as a dragon proper, their scrappy nature makes them difficult to manage.

Adding to the "difficult to manage" department, Wyverns are also some of the biggest offenders when it comes to "proactive dating". When they're feeling in the mood, they will circle a man that catches their eye before swooping down at high speed and carrying him off to copulate with him. Even once they are "tamed" as a mount, Wyverns will often attempt to mount their riders instead. Thus, it is recommended to raise a future dragoon and Wyvern mount together as children: as they grow up working together, love will naturally bloom between them, helping them work together as an extremely effective team.

Our final dragon subspecies is the Jabberwock. A Jabberwock is basically just a dragon that has been affected by the magic of Wonderland, if that "just" is in the same sense that a nuclear bomb is "just" a chemical reaction. Jabberwocky are, quite possibly, the most lustful monstergirls in the MGE universe, which is saying something. Just looking at their body alone should tell you something about how lewd they really are: they have four tongues. Hoo boy.

Jabberwocky roam the forests of Wonderland, seeking men whom they may devour. Though in terms of intellect and raw strength they meet or even exceed a normal dragon, their lustful personality means that they use their attributes for love, not war. They can even secrete a pink mist that spreads their lust to anyone who breathes it in. They tend to have a rather haughty and domineering personality, because they consider themselves to be the queens of all things lascivious, and able to outdo any other monstergirl in that department.

They are aided in their conquests by the aforementioned four tongues, one of which is where you'd expect to find it, and another can be found in their necklace (don't ask me where it goes when they take it off). The other two can be found residing in the Jabberwock's extremely dexterous tentacles, which also have disturbingly human teeth. She uses all of these attributes to take advantage of whomever she pleases, especially visitors to Wonderland that have become lost. However, if she finds a man to her liking, she will often carry him of to her den to have her way with him there. Jabberwocky often compete over who has the happiest husband: of course, this really boils down to who takes advantage of their husband the most. Well, you don't hear them complaining much.

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