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The Division Guide: Where To Find The New Gear Sets

Players looking for new stuff to do in Tom Clancy’s The Division got their wish earlier this week as the free update Conflict finally launched, adding a number of new things to check out for fans of either the Dark Zone or PvE. While the biggest piece to this release is arguably the new Incursion mission called Clear Sky, Massive Entertainment has also brought a number of smaller, but equally important improvements into the game, intended to reinvigorate the player versus enemy space.

One of those additions comes in the form of four new gear sets which should cater to different play styles just like the initial first four did in the April update. Each of these new gear sets has six parts for players to obtain, and the more items the player has equipped from a particular set, the more bonuses and perks will activate – up to four total.

The timing for these new sets is great as the Conflict update also brings changes to the loot table being used by The Division, which should now favor the player a little more. With so many different parts of these sets to collect, it can be somewhat daunting to try and figure out the best place to go. Thankfully, a Reddit user has put together a handy table that details where players have the best chance to acquire every piece of the four sets. Unlike the first update, which restricted these drops to weekly missions, the Falcon Lost incursion, and the Dark Zone, players now have more options and ways to get their hands on set gear.

Let’s highlight the details for all four sets.

For fans of long range combat and sniping, the Hunter’s Faith set is the one to aim for. Specializing in bonus damage to elites and increasing the damage of marksman rifles, equipping four pieces will unlock the Hunter’s Faith perk, which grants additional bonus armor based on how far away the player is from the target that has just been shot. Longer range means more bonus armor.

This set most frequently drops by completing the Clear Sky incursion mission, or it may also be found either as a blueprint or item for purchase at the Base of Operations special vendor. Players will first need to reach the maximum level of 30 in order to see the Special Vendor appear inside of the Tech Wing, though.

Here are the best locations to find each item in the set:

Players looking to optimize their damage per second should look no further than the Lone Star set. While increasing ammo capacity, and increasing the damage for shotguns light machine guns, players will eventually unlock the Lone Star perk which restores ammo to holstered weapons.

This set is almost exclusively found by taking down high value targets which were just introduced in Update 1.2. By visiting a special NPC at the Base of Operations, players can accept timed missions to hunt various targets throughout Manhattan. Targets will have different gear scores associated with them, indicating the difficulty level and potential for better rewards.

Interested players should look in the following places:

Tank oriented players should look towards the Final Measure gear set, which is capable of reducing damage from elite enemies and buffing resistance to exotic damage like bleed, shock, and burn. Acquire four pieces from this set and players will unlock Final Measure which gives the player a defuse buff after throwing a grenade. The interesting part is that when the player is in range of a hostile grenade, the perk will be consumed and diffuse the grenade, giving it to the player.

Similar to the Nomad set, Final Measure has the best chance of dropping in the PvP area known as the Dark Zone. In here, players will want to focus on taking out named NPC enemies, looting sealed cache crates and supply drops, or visiting the Dark Zone vendor in DZ06.

Support focused players should target the Predator’s Mark gear set which grants a buff to weapon optimal range, while also increasing the damage done from assault rifles and pistols. Players with four or more pieces from this set will earn the Predator’s Mark perk. Players who manage to hit 10 consecutive shots on one target will cause the target to bleed for 100% of the damage already done by those bullets.

Similar to Hunter’s Faith, players will want to grind the Clear Sky incursion mission as that activity has a higher chance to drop gear from this particular set. Players can also take a chance at the special items vendor in the Base of Operations having them in stock if they’re feeling lucky.

Did you manage to find any gear sets so far? Have any other tips or tricks that you’ve found to be useful for finding set items in The Division? Let us know in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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