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FenSens cleverly adds wireless parking sensors to any old car

You’ve paired your smartphone with a Bluetooth device or two before, but did you ever think you’d want to pair it with a license plate frame? FenSens thinks you should.

FenSens is no ordinary plastic license plate holder. It’s actually an aftermarket ultrasonic parking assistant. Pop it on your car, pair it with your phone, and FenSens will give you visual and audio alerts just like the ones on newer cars (or cars the same age with more expensive technology or safety packages).

FenSens is incredibly simple to install. You don’t have to have even the slightest hint of mechanical ability, and you don’t need to know how to tap into the electrical wiring in your vehicle’s trunk.  If your car has a license plate frame, remove it. If not, just take the screws out of the plate itself. Put the plate back, line up FenSens on top of it, and drive the screws back in.

That’s it. Now your FenSens is ready to stand guard. On Android devices, FenSens kicks in automatically when it needs to. On an iPhone you’ll have to tap the notification that pops up.

Now, FenSens has to get its power from somewhere, and since you know it’s not drawing juice from your vehicle you’ve probably guessed it runs on a battery. The good news is that it’s rechargeable, and that charging it via a micro USB cable gives it enough power to run for about five months.

So how much does it cost to add some smarts to your comparatively dumb vehicle? $99, if you get in early. Once FenSens hits retail shelves, it’ll sell for $149 — which is still not a bad price for a little extra peace-of-mind while you’re driving.

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