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Doom’s robust SnapMap completely fails at creating a map Doom 2 can easily make

One of the coolest features of the latest Doom game is the SnapMap. This mode allows players to get creative by letting them build stages in whatever configuration they like and fill it with any number of nasty demons. As robust as the SnapMap is, it has some frustrating limitations. A YouTuber by the name of MarphitimusBlackimus chronicled his attempt, and failure, to create a room filled with 100,000 Revenant demons. At every turn, he was forced to make compromises due to limitations of the SnapMap mode.

As you can see from the video below, he first tries to create one giant map and finds out that the maximum grid size doesn’t allow for 100,000 Revenants. He then has to scale it back to a measly 25,000 Revenants only to find out the biggest map available cannot possibly hold that many creatures. Creating multiple rooms to spread out the demons doesn’t work either, because there is a limit to the amount of rooms that can be created. This continues until he ends up with a room filled with 64 Revenants that can only spawn 12 at a time.

The yearning to create a Doom map filled with 100,000 Revenants still burned strong within our friend MarphitimusBlackimus, so he went to the one place that would meet his needs: Doom 2. In this game, Blackimus was able to create a map filled with monsters as far as the eye can see — a veritable ocean of Revenants and various other demons.

I guess this goes to show that sometimes new technology is incapable of doing the things comparatively primitive tech can achieve.

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