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Comixology Launches All-You-Can-Eat ‘Unlimited’ Subscription Service

The biggest digital storefront for comics just announced a new flat-rate service that lets users read through thousands of stories for $6/month.

Comixology Unlimited gathers together back-catalog offerings from Image, Boom!, IDW, Dark Horse and other publishers under one banner. DC and Marvel are conspicuous in their absence, but the latter already has a similar service in the form of Marvel Unlimited. (DC has yet to get with the program…) The press release sent out today includes an initial list of titles:

The press release doesn’t specify as to how wide the gap will be between new releases and the most recent installment of ongoing titles on the service. But it seems safe to assume that, as with Marvel Unlimited’s eight-month gap, publishers participating in Comixology Unlimited won’t curate titles all the way up to their freshest offerings. Nevertheless, this is already an impressive selection of series which makes some of the best titles being published today available to try for a very good price.

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