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Battlefield 1 Will Have a Server Browser

Battlefield 1 seems to be enjoying unprecedented excitement for the franchise, and some would credit EA and DICE for listening to the wants of the Battlefield fans for this positive response. Almost every piece of information released about Battlefield 1 seems to be good news, and the announcement that the game will have a server browser for multiplayer is sure to please fans as well.

Further details on Battlefield 1‘s server browser haven’t been shared just yet, but we imagine it will function similarly to how server browsers have in previous games in the franchise. It also seems likely that the server browser will be available for Battlefield 1 across all platforms, but there is a possibility that it will be a PC-exclusive feature. However, since DICE didn’t outright state that Battlefield 1‘s server browser is exclusive to PC, console gamers should also be able to look forward to the feature.

For veteran Battlefield players, a server browser for Battlefield 1 multiplayer matches may seem like it should be a given. However, there was some doubt that Battlefield 1 would have the feature, thanks to DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront not having a server browser. That proved to one of many controversial decisions DICE made when developing Star Wars Battlefront, but at least the lack of a server browser was mitigated a bit by Battlefront having dedicated servers.

DICE was the subject of a lot of criticism when it came to Star Wars Battlefront, as many fans were upset about the changes the game made to the franchise. However, in regards to Battlefield 1, it does seem as though DICE is doing a much better job at listening to its fans. Battlefield 1‘s World War I setting has proven to be a popular choice, as has numerous other announcements that DICE has made about the game since its reveal trailer dropped last week.

If DICE is able to deliver on its promises with Battlefield 1, and avoid Battlefield 4‘s launch problems, then the studio stands a good chance of having a mega hit on its hands. Battlefield 1 is exploding in popularity, has received enormous praise from the community, and currently seems to be held in much higher regard by the general public than its chief competition, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Time will tell if DICE is able to build off this momentum and stick the landing, but as long as it keeps making fan-pleasing announcements like the confirmation of server browsers, then Battlefield 1 could take the franchise to new heights.

Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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