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Bootleg Toy Company Makes Damn Good Celebrity Likenesses

Virtual Toys, aka VTS, does not have the license to be making toys based on Mad Max, but their “Wasteland Ranger” figure sure looks like Tom Hardy. They’ve also made bootleg toys based on everything from The Division (“Darkzone Agent”) to Dredd (“Epoch Cop”).

See also: their “Agent Hunter” bears a damn fine likeness to Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise. I know companies like Hot Toys do a fine (and legal) job with their pop culture tie-ins, but that doesn’t stop these from being awesome in their own loosey-goosey way as well.

Below you’ll find shots of all the toys I mentioned above, along with some based on Watch Dogs (“Nightmare Stalker”) and Lollipop Chainsaw (“Chainsaw Girl”). If you want to buy some, there are online importers who stock VTS’ stuff.

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