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EA is so confident you’ll buy Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 that it’s releasing them head-to-head

Battlefield 1, which was recently announced last week, is set to release this October. Traditionally, the only competition the Battlefield series faced during the fall was Activision’s Call of Duty, which will have the futuristic Infinite Warfare launch in early November. However, it seems that Battlefield 1 will also face off against another FPS title this autumn: Titanfall 2. That’s right, EA is pitting two of its biggest titles against one another. Interestingly enough, the company believes there is nothing wrong with this strategy.

Though we knew Titanfall 2 was in production, we didn’t know exactly when it would be released. Some (like myself) believed it would be released in the spring of 2017 in the same way the original Titanfall was released during the spring of 2014. However, according to an earnings report, EA revealed that Titanfall 2 would actually be released during the fourth quarter of 2016, placing it head-to-head with Battlefield 1.

EA’s Andrew Wilson responded to concerns from investors who worried about “cannibalisation” and “mistiming.” The CEO believes that the “giant” category both games belong to (is that a thing now?) is large and diverse enough to be able to support two titles simultaneously and that the two games ultimately serve to “fulfil different gameplay motivations.”

“Some people play very quick play, some people more strategic play, and some people want both in different context,” said Wilson to investors. He went on to state that he believes EA is in a strong position to provide players with two different types of games within the FPS genre. He feels “very confident” that the company will do well with both of these titles this year.

With Battlefield 1 releasing in October, Titanfall 2 will most likely come out in November. It could drop in December, but EA will no doubt release it in November in order to capitalize on Black Friday. While it’s true that both games are different from one another in terms of settings and play mechanics, they both rely heavily upon multiplayer. This means that players who are interested in both titles will have to make a choice over which game they will invest more time into during the fall season.

Will releasing both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 backfire on EA? We’ll have to wait and see how this all works out, but knowing gamers the way I do, I’m sure some (i.e. a lot) will be none too happy about having to split their time.

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