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NBA Live Isn't Coming This Fall -- Should Arrive in 2017

We haven't heard much from EA as to what to expect from NBA Live this upcoming season and it seems that was for a good reason. EA, , had NBA Live slated as a title which won't be arriving until 2017, or Q4 in their fiscal calendar. It appears that EA is probably giving live an extra 4-6 months of development time (and a different release window) to try to stir up interest and improve the franchise's quality. Live's recent reboot attempt hasn't been very successful, with sales lagging and quality only just in this last edition beginning to appreciably improve. For the series to be competitive, it appears EA has decided that will mean extra development time and a different window for release. The release of NBA Live in 2017 will probably coincide with either the start of next year's playoffs or the All-Star game. It's doubtful you'll see it before the latter event for sure.

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