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Microsoft offers Azure Cool Blob Storage for as little as $.01 per GB

If you’re an organization with vast amounts of infrequently accessed storage, typically measured in the hundreds of terabytes, then Microsoft’s Azure hasn’t always been the most economical. That’s all changing, as the company is now offering Azure Cool Blob Storage for as little as $.01 per GB.

Cool data refers to that data which is not very frequently accessed, such as backups, media content, scientific data, compliance and archival data. Cool Blob Storage is Microsoft’s term for cool object data and includes anything that’s stored for a long time and is access fewer than once a month.

As outlined on the Azure blog, the new storage option will include the following capabilities:

Going forward, this new option makes Azure more competitive with Amazon’s AWS and Google’s cloud storage offerings. Obviously, the move is intended for business and other organizations that store massive amounts of infrequently-accessed data. The new storage options should help Microsoft continue its growth in the ever-lucrative cloud services market.

Check out the Azure blog post for more information on Azure Storage partner offerings. And you can get started with Azure Cool Blob Storage by heading over to the documentation.

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