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Xbox One Second Generation on the Way?

Rumors have swirled around both Sony and Microsoft, with small hints and leaks hinting at the possibility of new versions of the two current-gen consoles being released. At this point, neither company has officially revealed anything, but a new leak may indicate that a new version of the Xbox One is actually happening.

A photograph that supposedly shows Microsoft production notes refers to the Xbox One, and some interesting details indicate that it might be a new version. The text isn’t in English, but users on NeoGAF have translated a portion of the text, which allegedly refers to an “Xbox One Two” or “Xbox One Second Generation” depending on how literal the translation is. It also makes note of the project starting as far back as 2014, and its mass production apparently started in February of this year.

The text also appears to refer to something weighing 800 grams, but this is entirely too lightweight to actually be an Xbox One Slim console, considering the current version is several pounds. However, it may refer to the shell of the Xbox One or an internal piece of hardware.

It remains to be seen if this document is actually the first real evidence of the existence of a new version of the Xbox One. If it’s legitimate, clearly Microsoft has had this console in the works for a long time, so it’s not a desperate attempt to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4k. This also lends credence to the idea that it’s more likely to be the long-rumored Xbox One Slim rather than an upgraded version of the console.

It’s hard to say at this point what this leak may mean for the future of the Xbox One console. Many gamers have expressed concern about the PlayStation 4k and the idea of it forcing gamers who already own a current-gen console having to upgrade. Nintendo has already done this to its fanbase, coming out with the New Nintendo 3DS, and at this point the handheld has had very few games released exclusively for it, which has likely added to gamers’ anxieties.

The prospect of Microsoft following in the footsteps of Sony and Nintendo may have a lot of Xbox One fans worried. However, until a solid announcement is made, gamers should just sit tight. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already stated that the Xbox One will have a ‘nice’ E3 this year, so chances are if an announcement of a new console of any kind is on the horizon, that’s where it’ll come from.

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