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DOOM Offers Single Player Campaign Preview

During a Twitch livestream today, DOOM‘s Creative Director Hugo Martin and Executive Producer Marty Stratton played through some of the forthcoming title’s levels to show off several aspects of its single player gameplay. Throughout the preview, the developers ended up revealing story details, weapon and armor upgrades, and a lot more.

The levels that Martin and Stratton covered are a Union Aerospace Corporation research facility, a Lazarus site, and an area of Hell called Titan’s Realm. According to the developers, each of the aforementioned stages consist of DOOM‘s early game missions, as well as the middle and late portions of the release’s solo mode.

As is the case with the original DOOM, there will be no reloading in the upcoming reboot, for developers have designed the first-person shooter’s guns to carry a massive amount of ammunition, allowing fans to fire off round after round until the weapon is totally empty. Plus, each firearm has a base capability, but can have additional features attached such as Charged Burst or Explosive Shot abilities. For a closer look at these elements and tons more, DOOM fans would do well to watch the recorded livestream below.

On top of the prospect of giving added properties to DOOM‘s various shooters, fans will be able to select them using a weapon wheel, which not only offers access to about a dozen or so different guns, but also allows players to choose them on the fly by slowing the action down slightly. Being able to carry such a glut of weapons is a far cry from the game’s multiplayer modes, which restricts players to only a couple of guns at a time.

Furthermore, DOOM‘s main character, the Marine, will be protected by armor called the Praetor Suit that can be upgraded by categories such as dexterity, which lets fans perform faster Glory Kills—that is, the FPS title’s version of guts and gore-heavy executions. Additionally, Martin and Stratton point out that DOOM is going to have its hardest difficulty setting called Nightmare give players a truly extreme challenge by letting them take on the game with a permadeath feature, calling it Ultra Nightmare.

Of course, with DOOM‘s release date being a little more than two weeks away, Martin and Stratton didn’t want to spoil everything the game’s going to have just yet. The two also touched on optional challenges, collectibles, secrets, and how some of DOOM‘s lore will be told through pieces of intel similar to audio diaries, but didn’t go too far in-depth. With all of this in mind, it seems as if id Software’s reboot of what many consider to be the grandaddy of first-person shooters has definitely earned its place among the most anticipated video games of 2016.

DOOM is set to release on May 13, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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