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Bowling Ally Work Stories

We told him we got light ones in the back. He didn't listen. Now I'm just laughing into my 20's

So this was probably the biggest thing that happened at the lanes. Caught them drinking **** english 40's. My security guy and I took them away and told them to get out (we have a security person there due to the fact that we have an open safe there along with a very popular bar and lots of stupid violent people. Also used to have a casino in the same building) They turn into wiggers and knock my happy ass out in one hit. Continue to fling heavy chairs around, hitting 2 small kids, ripping the shirt off a bar patron and ganging up on a former marine who was a regular there. Cops came and handcuffed them. since they are minors, they got to be fingerprinted and sent home to their moms who showed up to shake their fingers at them. Was going to press charges on the ****** who hit me, but it turns out most of them were illegal immigrants so they we deported back to their **** hole country. Still have the video of my ass getting decked and I luagh at it from time to time.

I was basicly a co manager at the time and my employees were suddenly all sick at the same time. Leagues were all impatient old war vets and crotchety bags of wrinkles, but they liked me. Had a beer after work with a bunch of them.

For those of you who think there is no danger to working in one of these places, I dare you to step in the back and put yourself under one of these machines. They are loud, insanely heavy and have belts and gears that will ******* EAT YOU. He didn't last long, obviously.

The Phil-Can-Am was a very ****** tournament, ran by people who didn't speak english and had no idea how to run their ****. Basically every player brought their WHOLE FAMILY with them, spitting their chew and sunflower seed shells on the carpet and lanes, broke and stole about 30 dishes as well as bowling balls off the racks, **** everywhere except the toilet, and paid nearly nothing for their event. they were banned from ever coming back and the whole event was cut off on the last day, having the owner and myself basically telling them all to get their scum children and grandmas the **** out. Not a great week for all of us.

I got to bowl there for free as well and they could easily show me up.

Ya. Needless to say, they sobered up very quickly.

Very common at this place. We had 50 lanes and hosted the most tournaments and leagues, yet dumb people thought this meant we always had open spots since we have so many lanes. They especially loved to come in 30 mins before we closed and order a **** ton of food. Too bad for them our policy stated that everything shut down at close time, regardless of whether or not you were still playing. They weren't happy.

I couldn't ask for a better day. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved working there and love some of the people I got to work around and with, but it was a ******* beautiful sight to see my worst customers falling on their asses and cursing to no end.

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