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Dropbox Project Infinite: all your files without the hard drive space

Dropbox is a great way to make sure you can access all your files on all your computers. And now it’s even better, because it lets you take your whole Dropbox with you without overstuffing your hard drive.

They call their digital wizardry Project Infinite, and it’s like a hybrid of the old Dropbox desktop app and their mobile apps. On your desktop, all the files you had access to in Dropbox were stored locally on your computer. On your phone or tablet, only the files you specify are stored locally. Set the available offline toggle and you can access them without a connection.

Now that Project Infinite is rolling out, you’ll be able to do the same sort of thing on your desktop. Dropbox will show you everything that’s available to you, but not all of that data has to take up valuable space on your hard drive. Files that reside in the cloud only are displayed with a new icon overlay — a little cloud, naturally.

This is an absolutely fantastic feature if you’re carrying around a laptop or a tablet with a cramped (say 64GB or 128GB) SSD. Even with a smaller Dropbox account you might have turned on selective sync to save space, but now you don’t have to open a browser tab or pull out your phone just to access (or even just to look at) all the other files that you’ve got stored in it.

And it’s just as nice for those of you who are members of a team. Do you really want to pull down an entire 1TB share? Probably not. But do you want to at least be able to search through its contents in case there’s one file buried deep in inside one of your coworkers’ folders that you need to view in order to finish up your quarterly reports? Definitely.

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