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You can now buy Ubuntu’s first flagship, octa-core phone

The Ubuntu Edge may never become a real smartphone, but Canonical has found manufacturing partners willing to pick up the torch. China’s Meizu is one, and they’re finally ready to sell you a Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition. Canonical excitedly announced the impending arrival of the Pro 5 UE two months ago. Today, you can buy one over at for $370, which is very reasonable compared to flagship phones that run other mobile OSes.

So, what kind of device does that get you? One that’s more on par with last year’s flagships. It’s actually even a year behind Meizu’s own top-of-the-line Android phone, the unsurprisingly-named Pro 6.

The Pro 5 features a 5.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, though at 1080p it’s not nearly as sharp as the screens you’ll find on its more well-known competitors. Samsung’s Exynos 7420 chip supplies the processing power. It’s the same chip Samsung shipped in the Galaxy S6, so while it’s certainly a fast capable chip it’s now a generation old. Meizu also packed in 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, micro SD expansion, dual SIM slots, a 21mp rear-facing camera, and a 3050mAh battery that can be charged up to 65% in about half an hour.

Really, though, the Pro 5 is interesting because of the software it runs, not its hardware. One of Canonical’s most interesting features is Convergence, which lets you use your device as a full desktop computer. You get the full Ubuntu experience, though — not just full screen apps and single-tasking like Microsoft’s Continuum.

Sadly, the Pro 5 doesn’t support Convergence out-of-the-box. It’s hard to imagine the Ubuntu faithful not figuring out a way to hack it in, though, so this might be worth a $370 gamble if you’ve been waiting for a Linux-based smartphone that can do double duty.

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