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Here are the 35 best cases and covers for your brand-new iPhone 6S

Apple makes beautiful smartphones, but durability is not a major focus. Because the new iPhone 6S packs in more features than ever before, there’s no doubt it will sell like hot cakes, so if you want to preserve that elegant design then you really need to take some precautions. The case market has exploded in recent years, so you can get solid drop protection, find all sorts of stylish finishes, and even add some functionality very easily. To help narrow down your choices, these are the best iPhone 6S cases we’ve seen so far.

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Twelve South SurfacePad Case ($40)

This stylish leather cover feels luxurious. It’s a typical folio-style with a couple of slots in the cover to hold credit cards or ID. You can also fold it back to act as a landscape stand. Your iPhone 6S is completely accessible because, unusually, there’s no shell inside. You fit the iPhone onto an adhesive backing, and there’s a cut-out corner on the back to leave the camera open. It’s a slim, light case, and it will guard against scratches, but we wouldn’t rely on it for drop protection. You can choose from six different colors.

Amazon AT&T Rakuten Twelve South

Lunecase Icon Case ($44)

Lunecase Icon Case

It may look like an ordinary, basic black shell case, but it has a secret – the back lights up with an icon to indicate an incoming call or message. It hooks up to your iPhone 6S via Bluetooth. There’s no need to be charge the case, because it harvests excess electromagnetic energy from your phone and doesn’t use much power. The case has generous cut-outs for ports, buttons, and the camera. It also has a nice soft finish and adds some grip. However, it’s a bit too minimal to offer much in the way of protection from falls.

Urban Armor Gear Case ($30)

Urban Armor Gear Case

Get some serious armor plating onto your iPhone 6S with one of these military grade, drop-tested, rugged cases. They’re much lighter than they look. There’s a soft impact-resistant core that absorbs shock, a hard outer shell, and then pads to prevent it from touching down on surfaces or sliding around. The chunky button covers work well and the cut-outs are accurate. You can get translucent or opaque versions in a range of different colors.

Demyure Leather Wallet Case ($30)

Demyure Leather Wallet Case

Snap your iPhone 6S into this slim plastic shell covered in natural, brown leather, and you’ll find it’s comfortable and warm to hold. There are two slots in the back, neatly stitched on, for your ID or cards. The openings leave plenty of room for easy access to all of the buttons, ports, and functions. It’s a svelte, minimalist design, which makes it ideal if you want to travel light. It should guard against bumps and scrapes, but the screen is exposed and you shouldn’t expect rugged drop protection.

Melkco Tribe Series Wallet Book Case ($35)

Melkco Tribe Series Wallet Book Case

Here’s an eye-catching design that’s a bit different. This is another wallet-style case which opens to reveal a couple of slots in the cover for cards and a bigger pocket behind. Your iPhone 6S snaps into the transparent shell, and you can bend the cover back to prop your phone up in landscape view. The material feels durable and has a textured design that adds grip. There’s also a leather closure with a magnet in it, and a small leather Melkco logo stitched on the front.

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