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The silly, practical Christmas horror movie Krampus is actually really good

Every now and then a horror movie comes along that works on multiple levels. It can scare you while making you actually feel something for the characters, and can also make you marvel at practically created monsters that stay with you long after the movie shuts off and you’re left with your thoughts. Krampus is one of those movies.

Co-written and directed by Trick ‘r Treat helmer and X-Men: Apocalypse screenwriter Mike Dougherty, the film asks and answers the age-old kid question: what happens when you forget what Christmas is truly about? We all find that out, as Dougherty and fellow writers Todd Casey and Zach Shields put a family through the ringer as the fabled anti-Santa monster and his minions torment them during a time when they should be getting along.

Need more convincing to check out this film that just hit stores on Blu-ray? Well, you’re in luck because here are 11 more!

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