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Xiaomi boss can’t help show off what could be the Mi Band 2

Forget about the next smartphones and wearables being covertly leaked by secretive employees or sneaky contractors, Xiaomi prefers to do the leaking itself. It’s not a decision taken by just any old member of staff either, but by CEO Lei Jun himself. What has he been showing? A new wearable that may be the Mi Band 2.

It happened at an event in China, where Lei Jun was broadcasting live from his phone, and decided to give watchers a glimpse of the wearable on his wrist. It wasn’t named as the Mi Band 2, but a sequel to the Mi Band is perhaps overdue, and has been rumored for a while. The pictures showed a larger band, this time with a digital display on the front.

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The original Mi Band is an incredibly cheap, but excellent value, fitness wearable. However, despite a quick update at the end of last year, where it gained a heart rate monitor as the Mi Band 1S (or Mi Band Pulse, as it’s also known), it has always been relatively low on functionality. That may change with the addition of a display. However, it may also impact the Mi Band’s excellent month-long battery life, and the low price.

The silicone strap looks similar to the Mi Band and Mi Band 1S strap, which may mean the Mi Band 2’s core will be removable, ready to slip into a different color band. There’s also an unidentified button, or sensor on the core module, that may potentially be used to control the band.

While content to show off the basic look of the new wearable, Lei Jun wasn’t in the mood for sharing any details. It’s not clear if this is a prototype, what its functionality will be, or when it will be released. Xiaomi is planning to announce a new smartphone, the Mi Max, in May, so we may find out more then. We’ll keep you updated.

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