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Meet a Guy Who Checks 3,000 Kit Kats Per Minute

Making Japanese Kit Kats sure seems fun. Checking them, though, that looks hard, especially when thousands of them are rolling by every minute.

A recent episode of Japanese TV program JobTune showed the inside of a KitKat production factory. To ensure that only decent wafers end up sold, a factory worker spot checks them. One factory worker, apparently.

This guy. Which is nuts.

The show didn’t disclose his name, and there’s probably others at the factory that does this job, too, for things like different shifts, days off, etc., because, hey, gimme a break, right? I imagine similar checking goes on at other Kit Kat factories around the world. Which is also nuts.

According to JobTune, in one minute, the worker checks over 3,000 Kit Kats.

As the show pointed out, the Kit Kat checker wears headphones.

A spokesperson explained that the factory is quite noisy, and the headphones are to protect his hearing.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what kind of defects the Kit Kat checker is looking for, it’s stuff like this:

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