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The Return of Japan's Strangest English Textbook

Many Japanese think English is a difficult language. So why not make that linguistic grind enjoyable? That’s exactly what this odd little book does.

A few years ago, Kotaku introduced English Words That Don’t Appear on Tests (here and here). It’s a wonderful English book filled with silly drawings and words and sentences that probably don’t appear in daily conversation.

There is a new version of the book going on sale. It’s also been the basis of a new sketch on boy band show Boimen Magic.

The book’s Twitter @NISE_TOEIC has been uploading sample images, some of which can be seen below.

Considering how bland and dry most English textbooks are in Japan, these books have been a breath of fresh air. I’m not convinced they’ll teach Japanese people English, but at least they’re wry and will hopefully help convince people that you can have fun with the language, especially when you know words like “fart.”

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