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Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns with Better Rewards

The Destiny April Update has been out for a little over a week and players have descended on the new Challenge of Elders mode getting new gear and racing towards the upped 335 Light level cap. Next week, Destiny fans will get their hands on the first Iron Banner since the update, with Bungie promising for better and more regular rewards. The mode will return with the Clash game type instead of the usual Control mode.

Over the past few months, Bungie has detailed the numerous ways it has changed the loot system for Iron Banner, but there was still the sense that certain elements were not working as intended. In general, Iron Banner didn’t feel as rewarding as it could be, and some speculated that there were glitches in the system.

As part of today’s post, the developer confirmed that there was, in fact, a hitch in the system that was keeping some players from receiving their due loot in the past iterations of the event:

One of the big changes to Iron Banner is that all Legendary loot rewards post-match will now be Iron Banner rewards. Whereas previously Legendary engrams could drop in the rewards screen, those drops have been replaced with Iron Banner gear. B

ungie has also removed the ceiling on rewards, which previously required players to be Rank 2 before anything would drop. In this Iron Banner, every match has a chance to provide loot. Also note that Iron Banner drops can roll up to 335 Light.

Some other changes include Rank 3 and Rank 5 packages, which will now drop 320 Artifacts and Ghosts, respectively. Bungie has also adjusted two bounties to make them easier to complete in the Clash game type. “Iron Domination,” which used to require a personal score of 2500 and a win (which could be especially hard in the Clash and Rift game types) has been decreased to a score of 1500 and a match completion. “Iron Versatility” used to require 13 heavy weapon kills, but will now only require 7.

As for what fans can earn this coming week in Iron Banner, the weapons are the Haakon’s Hatchet auto rifle and the Tormod’s Bellows rocket launcher. The leg armor and the class items are available on the gear side, and the PlayStation-exclusive gear rolls on with the class items.

The next Iron Banner begins Tuesday, April 26 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Will you be playing Iron Banner when it comes to Destiny next week?

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