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Rocket League Basketball Mode Hits Next Week

Developer Psyonix has announced that the highly-anticipated ‘Hoops’ mode for Rocket League is set to launch next week as a free update. The update will be available on all platforms and releases April 26.

Rocket League‘s new Hoops mode features basketball-themed gameplay on a new arena named ‘Dunk House’. As seen in the newly-released trailer above, aerial shots will be an important part of the gamemode as players aim to drive the ball down into the hoop. Newer players need not worry too much however, as it appears that the net itself can be used as a ramp to drive the ball upwards and allow for less flashy point scoring.

In support of the new mode’s launching, Psyonix has partnered with the National Basketball Association in order to release a ‘NBA Flag Pack’ which contains 30 different NBA flags, allowing players to show support to their favorite teams. The pack will cost $2 and all players will get a free flag containing the NBA logo when it releases.

Basketball is the second sport to be incorporated into Rocket League, after last year’s hockey game mode. It is also just one of many free DLCs that Psyonix has released for its fanbase, others including iconic customization options from franchises such as Portal.

Since Hoops was first announced last month, people have been eagerly awaiting the new mode, inspired by the NBA’s March Madness. While there’s no doubt that the mode will require players to take a different approach than in their usual soccer gameplay, it’ll make for some interesting footage as we all try to improve our aerial accuracy.

In other recent Rocket League news, all those who picked up a copy of the rocket-fuelled soccer game on the Xbox One should soon have access to cross-platform play, allowing them to play against PC players. Psyonix have also made references to other platforms coming in cross-platform, suggesting that one day we may see PS4 and Xbox One users playing together. Microsoft has claimed that there is an “open invitation for other networks to participate as well,” so it looks like the explosive ball is in Sony’s court for the time being.

With Hoops being the latest DLC coming to the popular game, we think it’s time that Psyonix begin to add some cars from our famous vehicle wishlist to the title. It’s certainly appropriate timing for the Echo-1 to make an appearance, seeing as the new Ghostbusters is releasing soon, and it’d certainly be entertaining to dunk some balls in Mass Effect‘s Mako.

Will you be playing Hoops next Tuesday? Let us know in the comments Ranters!

Rocket League is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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