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‘Morgan Freeman’ Plays The Division, Hilarity Ensues

It’s no secret that games are nothing without people to play them. This holds true in many instances, but sometimes it’s the people playing the title that make it worth checking out – and laughs are a good incentive to continuously hop into a party and join in on a multiplayer game like The Division. Ubisoft’s new third-person shooter/MMO-esque property has been doing quite well for the firm, and this newfound success has lead to a new video of a gamer going online to interact with others – albeit under the guise of famed Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman.

Under the banner of Machinima, a YouTube group going by the name Game Society Pimps has released a video of “Morgan Freeman” playing The Division. What ensues is a number of male genitalia jokes from a rather convincing Freeman impersonator, although the lowbrow humor is sure to strike a great deal of viewers as funny (as is evident with the video sitting at nearly 6,000 likes as of this writing). Given the sales of The Division in March alone, perhaps videos like these will encourage gamers to jump back online for a few missions.

As a heads up, there are some inappropriate topics discussed in the video that are not suitable for a younger audience. With that said, the video, titled ‘The Division With Morgan Freeman‘, can be viewed below.

Given all of the drama between Ubisoft and The Division players over whether or not to punish people that utilized a recent Falcon Lost glitch, videos like these could be considered to be a fun way of easing the tension. Of course, there are a number of other fan-made videos for gamers to seek out and enjoy as well. There are countless attempts from longtime players to bring levity to their favorite gaming franchises all over YouTube, like the one player that pulled off a mind boggling truck flip in Grand Theft Auto 5, but this stands out as one of the more noteworthy – if only for its convincing Morgan Freeman impersonation.

Other gamers have taken to creating their own mash-ups for consumption on Google’s video sharing site. Through this, gamers have seen some rather entertaining mash-ups like Star Wars meets Mario Kart and others still like a Destiny and Mad Men crossover. The creativity found with the audiences of major gaming franchises is impressive to say the least, and there’s little question that their talents will continue to shine through for an immeasurable number of years to come.

The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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