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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Specs Revealed

Gamers accepted into the closed beta for the upcoming free-running title Mirror’s Edge Catalyst may be wondering if their computers can match the hardware requirements of the game. The answer to that question is finally here, as Electronic Arts has now released both the minimum and recommended PC specifications for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, allowing gamers to see if any hardware upgrades will be required in order to get the game running.

As expected, the free-running sequel requires a somewhat modern rig, and gamers still running on old 32 bit architecture will lament the fact that at least 6GB of RAM is required to keep up with Faith’s movements. The game packs some seriously gorgeous minimalist visuals, and the follow-up to the critically acclaimed original looks like it will include a story based on corporate espionage, though Faith is still poised to refrain from any kind of gun-based combat.

Here are the PC specifications:

Those interested in purchasing the game can get a 10% discount if they pre-order through Origin Access, which will also let them be among the first to play the game via an exclusive Origin Access Trial. It may still be possible to secure a Collector’s Edition through various retail outlets, which will net fans a pretty neat diorama of both old and young Faith, as well as some other collectible items.

Early footage from the game has resulted in some controversy among fans, as it looks like several parkour skills will be locked behind a new skill tree mechanic. In the first title, Faith had all of her moves ready from the get-go, but this prequel will change things up a bit. Unsurprisingly, not all fans are pleased with the news that they’ll have to put in some time grinding in order to access moves like rolling, swinging from poles, and even just pulling off a 90 degree turn.

Those waiting for the sequel will have already been through quite a journey, as development was rumored for quite some time. Once production was confirmed, it was met with numerous delays, before finally arriving with a (presumably) final release date set for this May.

Are you planning on picking up a copy of the game, Ranters?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is scheduled to release on May 24th, 2016, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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