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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed Yet Again

Fans of the 2008 hidden gem Mirror’s Edge have been waiting to see another game in the series for years. Now, according to a post on the official Mirror’s Edge website, they will have to wait a little bit longer still to get their hands on the prequel/reboot Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, as the parkour-centric title has been delayed to June 7th.

The reason for the latest Mirror’s Edge Catalyst delay is a good one, at least. DICE wants to take time to incorporate feedback from the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta, which the extra two weeks in development will give the studio time to do. This is especially important for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, as the game is incorporating online social features in a manner that DICE hasn’t used in its previous games.

DICE claims to be using “brand new online technology” to run Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘s social features, and wants to ensure that these work perfectly come launch. For the uninitiated, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is adding social gameplay features to serve as a sort of multiplayer mode in the game, wherein players will be able to challenge friends on the game’s leaderboards, create their own time trials, and more. The goal of this functionality is to boost the game’s replayability when compared to its predecessor, so it makes sense that DICE is taking the extra effort to ensure things go off without a hitch.

A smooth launch for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst would also help to repair DICE’s shaky reputation when it comes to game launches. Battlefield 4 was a mess at launch, for example, and a number of other DICE-developed titles have suffered similar fates. If the two week delay helps Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to avoid the launch day issues of past DICE titles, it could restore consumer confidence in the company in a big way.

Mirror’s Edge enthusiasts are no strangers to playing the waiting game. Before Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was revealed at E3 2015, many believed that the series was dead anyway, so fans probably have no problem waiting an extra couple weeks to get their hands on the game. Time will tell if Mirror’s Edge Catalyst can live up to fan expectations, but a little more time in the oven certainly won’t hurt.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available on June 7th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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