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Division Patch Removes Unlimited Damage Exploit

As many fans would agree, The Division is having a rough go of it lately. Following days of exploits, such as the Incursion boss glitch that allowed Agents to take down the main Falcon Lost foe with just two shots, developers have been working hard to eliminate the action-MMO’s problems, starting with an exploit fix that will supposedly put an end to players being able to take advantage of Incursion glitches once and for all.

Following the aforementioned update, Ubisoft has now released a second patch that squashes the players’ abilities to boost their gun’s damage output to dish out unlimited amounts of damage to opponents. Prior to this second bit of maintenance for The Division, Agents were able to temporarily ratchet up the firepower on certain weapons to ridiculous proportions with some changes to DPS jumping from 115,000 to 1,115,000 in certain instances. As seen below, however, Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers, writes that the exploit has been removed, stating:

For those unaware, fans discovered the exploit by applying a particular talent on their guns—the “Competent” talent, to be specific—that briefly boosts DPS after triggering any ability. Once fans had their firearm of choice, Agents would simply need to equip it, then equip a different gun, then switch back and forth between them for a while until a bug caused Competent’s DPS boost to stack and build up to whopping numbers.

Concerning the multiple examples of exploits found and used by players of The Division, Ubisoft has said it will start permanently banning cheaters, with many fans positively flummoxed over this move by the company. Even those who haven’t taken advantage of glitches in The Division and don’t plan to do so have expressed bewilderment on the part of those players being punished for using glitches that only existed due to developers’ shoddy workmanship in the first place. It’s not as if these fans manipulated the game with their own malicious code, after all.

At any rate, we can all agree that it’s incredibly frustrating when gamers exploit bugs to get the upper hand, especially when it comes to a large-scale MMO like The Division. Whatever happens, though,  there’s probably no end in sight when it comes to glitches being misused in The Division, or in any video game for that matter.

The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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