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DOOM Co-creator John Romero Teases New PC Shooter

Romero tweeted the teaser yesterday with the tagline “this is the video you are looking for.” Set in a familiar craggy landscape, and even with music reminiscent of the movies, the tease simply shows fellow co-creator Adrian Carmack approaching a hooded Romero and holding out a keyboard and mouse, calling him to action.

It is an obvious parody of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for anyone who saw the film, but might be a bit of a head-scratcher to those who haven’t. Regardless, the message that Romero is preparing for a new journey is clear.

However, anyone wanting to know the details of said journey will just have to wait patiently for the announcement next week on April 25th, which should shed some light on things. Check out the video below.

The teaser also links to Romero’s new studio, Night Work Games, which, according to the site, is “the dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games Ltd.” Unfortunately, following the link won’t garner any information about the game itself, but it does allow those clambering for news to sign-up for updates. The video also reveals that the studio is based in Galway, Ireland, which would explain the teaser video’s locale.

A collaboration with Adrian Carmack and John Romero is good news to those missing the golden age of PC first-person shooters. Both were co-founders of id Software, the studio responsible for hits like QUAKE, DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D, where they took on artist and designer roles, respectively. Romero parted ways with the studio in 1996 and Carmack followed almost a decade later, but id has continued developing the franchises and a new DOOM is even set to be released next month. Coincidentally, the pre-orders include the first two DOOM games, both of which Romero worked on.

We will have to see what shakes out, but fans of the PC FPS should pay close attention to what comes next, as Romero is a talented designer and programmer who knows the PC shooter genre well. He’s even credited with coining the multi-player term “deathmatch,” which speaks volumes about his contribution to the genre.

Be sure to check back here at Game Rant for details on this upcoming game following the announcement on April 25th.

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