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Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Beat the Abyss Watchers

Now that From Software’s Dark Souls III is out in the wild, more players are braving the game’s various hazards and monsters. However, due to the difficult nature of Dark Souls III, some players may be having trouble beating a few of the game’s bosses. One particular boss fight that could be giving players trouble is the battle against the Abyss Watchers, but fear not – we’re here to help.

The Abyss Watchers boss fight in Dark Souls III is separated into two distinct phases. The first phase has players going up against two sword-wielding enemies. Run away from them to avoid their attacks instead of rolling, and try to stay as far away from them as possible. Eventually, they should bump into each other and start infighting. When one dies, the other should be easy-pickings, but wait for an opening before going in for the kill. Alternatively, ranged attacks will help get rid of the remaining enemy from a much safer distance.

For the second phase of the Abyss Watchers boss fight, fire-resistant armor will come in handy. That’s because the enemy that appears next has a flaming sword and a variety of fire attacks at his disposal which can prove deadly to unprepared players.

In the second phase of the Abyss Watchers boss fight, patience is key to success. When the boss misses his slam attack, that’s a good time to heal. When he misses his long-range swipe attack, that leaves him open for a hit. Hit him with two hits if ranged attacks are an option, otherwise only go for one and then flee. Distance is important, but be aware that his long-range swipe attack will let him close that distance pretty quick.

Something else to be aware of in the second phase is the trail of fire that the boss leaves in his wake. This fire can be a nuisance when dodging attacks, so just try to stay aware of where the fire is at all times.

With these tips, and a little bit of luck, felling the Abyss Watchers boss shouldn’t take too long. In fact, the fight may even be a bit easier than Dark Souls III‘s first boss, though it’s still no walk in the park by any means. Those playing a mage class will probably have the easiest go-about it, but it’s definitely possible with any other Dark Souls III play style as well.

Since Dark Souls III is the fastest-selling game in Bandai Namco history, it’s a safe bet that many new Dark Souls players are discovering the series for the first time. Hopefully this guide will make sure they avoid too much frustration when taking on one of the game’s tougher required boss fights, and help them to stick with Dark Souls III long enough to see one of its many endings.

Dark Souls III is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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