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Cherry’s new Silver switched are built for speed and exclusive to Corsair keyboards

Most makers of mechanical gaming keyboards have some sort of gimmick with the switches. Logitech designed its own fully custom Romer G switches, Razer has the green and orange MX-compatible switches, and Das Keyboard has its mustard and olive MX switches. Corsair has always worked closely with Cherry, maker of the highly regarded Cherry MX switches. Now, Corsair has released a line of gaming boards with an exclusive new Cherry switch, the Cherry MX Speed.

Most mechanical keyswitches are identified by the color of the stem. For example, the MX Reds that are so common on gaming boards. The new switch from Cherry has a silver stem with similar properties to an MX Red. They’re both linear (no click or tactile bump) and the actuation force is a very light 45g. The main difference is that MX Silver switches have an actuation point at just 1.2mm rather than 2mm like other Cherry switches. This makes it faster to trigger a key; 40% faster according to Cherry and Corsair.

Linear switches are mostly aimed at gamers, as heavy typists usually prefer a clicky or tactile switch. However, Cherry notes that extremely fast typists might prefer the MX Speed for its higher actuation point. You’ll still have to buy a “gaming” board if you want to try it. Corsair has the exclusive on the new silver switches (as it also does on Cherry’s transparent RGB switches). The MX Speed switches have been included in updated versions of the K70, K70 RGB, and K65 RGB.

The new boards are technically available today, but they appear to be backordered everywhere. It’ll probably be a few weeks until they’re actually in stock. The MX Speed switch boards are marketed under the “Rapidfire” name and cost between $170 for the high-end K70 RGB Rapidfire and $130 for the non-RGB K70 Rapidfire.

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