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Huawei Honor V8 teaser hints new smartphone may get the P9’s awesome dual cams

Huawei has dropped a huge hint regarding its next smartphone to wear the Honor brand name. It’s likely to be called the V8, and may share the same dual-camera setup seen on the superb Huawei P9. A teaser image and short GIF posted to the official Honor Weibo social networking site, shows what looks like two lenses projecting the V8 name.

Furthermore, the figure eight is stylised to resemble the OO logo used to promote the P9 ahead of its launch, but interestingly the lenses are possibly vertically stacked on the V8, rather than side-by-side. We won’t have to wait long to see what Honor has in store for us either, because the V8 — or whatever it ends up being called — will be revealed on May 10.

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Before we get overexcited, it’s what isn’t being said that stands out most. There’s no mention of the Leica name, and the established camera manufacturer has a big hand in making the P9 such an excellent cameraphone. It’s not evidence that Leica isn’t involved, but it’s not a good sign either. There’s also no indication of what features the dual camera will have, but it’s likely to be a continuation of the bokeh effects seen on the P9.

If you’re not familiar with the Honor brand name, it’s a spin-off of Huawei, offering fun, funky, and competitively priced smartphones for the younger generation. It’s a global brand, and launched in the U.S. earlier this year with the Honor 5X, a close relation to Huawei’s Honor 7. At just $200 without a contract, it’s superbly priced for an all-metal, 5.5-inch phone. For some added confusion, the V8 may be announced with the Glory name attached, which is yet another alternative brand name for the firm, but usually restricted for devices on sale in China.

Will the Honor V8 be the second Leica co-branded Huawei phone? We’ll find out next month.

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