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Buy This Comic! Retcon #1

“TPTB,” Part One The reboot of a comic book miniseries that has never existed begins with an all-new, all-different issue #1! Time to travel back and jump in on this comic while it was new!”

Describing a comic like Retcon #1 is hard. You have to go to some very weird places and expand your mind. Also, expand the possibilities of what this extraordinary team can do.

Retcon #1 is a new comic miniseries written by Matt Nixon, art by Toby Cypress and letters by Matt Krotzer from Image Comics. Image is known to put out some pretty wild stuff, but this hallucinogenic comic is the wildest of the month. Retcon #1 tells the story of Brandon Ross, who has a very particular job and a very unusual rarity about him. He works as a Black Night, a type of military op, sent to track down an older Black Night, Chris “The Animal” Dodge. Once he and his partner Josh find him, they have to put “The Animal” down. It’s not an easy thing to do. While Josh is trying to get the job done, Brandon steps in, but that comes with consequences that escalate from here.

I love being confused by comics. If the confusion is justified, I immediately fall in love. Retcon #1 confused the hell out of me so much that I found it brilliant. Matt Nixon weaves a story of the side of military or secret supernatural operations that you don’t see. Retcon #1 introduces us to the unstable and unexplainable that keeps you hanging on til the very last panels. Nixon doesn’t give us much in the first issues, and that’s okay. You can tell that he’s waiting to spread this series out as far as he can. It’s a great set up for the absolute bonkers that this series will become.

In an interview with Henry Barajas, which you should read, Barajas describes it as “… if David Lynch made a funnybook, with Steve Ditko and Jim Steranko,” which is probably the best way to describe it. Retcon #1 reads as if you took Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Inland Empire and mixed it in a bowl, but sprinkled military conspiracy theories and other worldly imagery on top.

Speaking of imagery, Toby Cypress’ art blew me away. It’s the perfect companion for Nixon’s writing and fits so snug into the troubled world we find ourselves a part of. If you’re upside down by Nixon’s words, prepare to double that with Cypress’ art. His style reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein meets surrealism art. It’s dreamlike but pops in a way that makes you take notice very quickly. It’s different from traditional art styles we’ve seen becoming unreal, strange, but impressive and charming as well.

Cypress commands his colors. He splashes the pages with beautiful muted neon colors that burst to life. Cypress draws your eyes to the key players of the story, but makes everyone and every detail important. Within the panels, the colors act as an accessory to access the level of danger. He uses certain colors like red and green with some characters and mixing them in with others.

Matt Krotzer ties the team together with his lettering. As I read more and more comics, I begin to notice the letterers a lot. They are what allows the reader to step inside the world that the writer has created. While Cypress does most of the hand drawn SPX, Krotzer does a bang up job with the rest. He knows his placement. He knows how to keep this story moving and even leaves the panels alone when you need to focus. One thing that Krotzer’s lettering allowed me to do was to focus on what’s taking place and absorb it.

Retcon #1 is a wild ride. I wouldn’t blame you if it took you a second read to get into it. It’s so worth that extra read. Redcon #1 is going to be a psychedelic thrill-ride that you’ll want to hold on for. Redcon #1 is available now digitally on Comixology and in print.

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