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Wreak Some Havoc With This Harley Quinn Gift Guide

Everyone’s favorite Suicide Squad character, Injustice 2 fighter, and Batman villainess of all time, Harley Quinn, is ridiculously popular. She’s everywhere. She even has her own comic book series, which she didn’t even need the Joker to get! If you’ve got mad love for Harley Quinn and so do those special people in your life, you want to make sure you pick out the best gifts you can, right? We’ve got your back with this gift guide that you can

Dress up just like Harley in this low-key jacket, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

This beautiful figure may well be one of the prettiest Harley-related figures out there. Trust me, I looked.

Carry everything with you in this knapsack modeled after the Maiden of Mayhem’s infamous color scheme.

What time is it? Time to hang out with Mistah J, of course!

This special collectible celebrated the New 52 and the Rollergirls of Gotham. But if you missed the comics, that’s ok, you can still end joy Harley in all her glory!

Show the world you’re ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ with this necklace set, modeled after Harley’s jewelry from Suicide Squad.

This adorable watercolor perfectly captures Harley’s mischievousness and whimsey. Plus this print is a great choice for any wall!

There’s no better way to keep warm than with Miss Harley covering you all the way up. Snuggly!

The sun is no match for Harley Quinn, and that’s the message you can send with these oversized sunnies.

Follow the adventures of Harley beyond the Joker and see what she’s up to with this omnibus of her story following DC’s The New 52 series setup.

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