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The newest Warcraft trailer is here and it definitely delivers

Excuse me, pardon me, geek freaking out over here, pardon me. Legendary just dropped a new Warcraft trailer and we’re getting new footage, plus a look at some of the badass ladies of Azeroth. It’s our first good look at Ruth Negga as Lady Taria (and she looks incredible, as always. I don’t know what it is about her, but she’s luminescent) and Paula Patton’s Garona is kicking ass and taking names.

We also get better looks and Anduin, Orgrim, Durotan, and Khadgar, and bits of humor and snark, plus more new effects and spellcasting. The whole thing just makes me happy. The felflame looks like it’s direct out of the game and, while I’ve heard a few people say that they think the effect looks a little cheesy, it reminds me of the cinematics in game and feels more like an homage than something poorly made.

I also liked the music in the trailer, which both fans and Duncan Jones have made clear they didn’t like.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to playing with my headphones on and listening to music. Whatever it is, I like it, I’m ready, and June 10 can’t come soon enough.

Also, if there aren’t nods to small in-game jokes, I’ll eat my hat. Leeroy Jenkins or Thunderfury better get some sort of representation, or frickin’ mount parades because I didn’t spend all that time in Gen Chat listening to jokes and set-ups about those things for all these years to have them excluded from the film.

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