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Wish Me Luck- 90 down 10 to go!

Over two years I lost 90lbs. After growing up as a fat child raised by fat parents it was excruciatingly rough re-learning an entire lifetime of bad habits. In high school I was all about the new HAES lifestyle after the constant ridicule from my peers and shame from myself caused me to seek justification for my poor habits. It wasn't my looks that started this though, it was the stairs up to my dorm room. I could barely make it up to the top floor. That was the point that I realized enough was enough and at 18 I should not be having knee problems. If my body was healthy or my lifestyle correct I would not be in constant pain. I began taking charge of my own food intake, I decided to take action.Two years and 90lbs later I am at 125lbs and the happiest I've been in my life, but heartbroken seeing friends and family refuse to take charge of their diets and lifestyles, opting instead to choose the easy way out of "I am beautiful the way I am, society is what's wrong". I will have to work hard the rest of my life to not slip into old habits and poor joints and knee troubles will persist forever, but slowly through exercise I'm hoping to correct the problems I caused myself through bad habits. Wish me luck! Hoping to get down to 115 and fit by the end of it all

Update: My goal at the beginning of all this was 115, the 100 lbs mark. Now weight loss is not my main priority rather than getting fit as I am now mobile enough to exercise without joint pain! Thank you all for the concern and kind words, it means a lot!

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