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Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists

HERO OF Cah/ : Officer
killed FOUR jihad's as they
marched from Audi on killing
A HEROIC police officer killed four terrorists singlehandedly in a shootout in Cambells
tatter the sick jihad's rammed a van into pedestrians " just hours after the Mrtnt in the
heart of Barcelona.
The officer- who local media has said is female - wiped out the jihad's seconds after they
rammed their Audi through crowds and into her police car.
As her partner lay wounded in the vehicle, the outnumbered deicer faced a clash
with the crazed gang, who escaped their overarmed car and marched towards her armed with
machetes, axes and knives-
The Trooper agent, who had been on a routine patrol, acted fast to fare rounds and take out
four of the tarastrong mob before they caused more bloodshed on the public.
The ti" nal suspect attempted to flee on foot before being gunned down by officers in a nearby
The hero police thpider acted despite the terrorists wearing suicide vests, which later were
found to he fakes-
Cancers had been conducting nomral checks at a roundabout on the Calories seafront when
an Audi vehicle came careering down the street, ramming into a group of people before
crashing into the police car.
FIVE terror suspects shot Henna Terror: Hunt
dead in ANOTHER attack underway for suspected van
near Barcelona driver
The injured agent, of the regional police force .. which tranlated into the
Troopers, suffered a heavy plow to the head and a broken tibia.
A total of seven people were injured in the attack, and earlier this morning l was
announced that a female victim has died as a result of her injuries.
The death takes yesterday' s death toll to 14 atter 13 people were killed when a white Fiat van
rammed into crowds of people on Las Ramona in the heart of Barcelona.
The driver rampaged several hundred metres down Las Ramona, through crowds
in order to loll as many people as possible before crashing the vehicle and fleeing on foot.
The van driver remains at large, with police searching for Mousse in
connection with the attack.
The brave officer stoda his as the attackers. awed with knives & was came towards i".
Two years ago. in the Kiwi use app. Mousse ( assured that ll he were the absolute who
of the world. the first thing he would do would he "to loll the and only leave Muslims
follow the religion."
Mousse C) akavir.. the alleged perpetrator of the Las Rambles attack, and his older brother
miss. who was detained yesterday after his ID documents were found in the van believed to
have been usea m me Barcelona attack, are twittered at the itt Gettem.
The two brothers have lived in import for many years and studied at the local school.
Both were well Known in the small town, and Doss worked for a while in a restaurant there

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