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youtube comments these days

3 memes ago (edited)
an alabama nigger and I wanna be free
t' give me welfare
tdl EH.
tii/ VI
ill/ VIII
UN, Lty'' lla
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Illest The Virtual Gamer 3 months ago
iife) ii. Shahid M Etheir 3 months age
pl -. We never laughed harder than I just did reading this!!
H. Martin Kislev 3 mounths age
A 1 ca n' t stop laughing hahahahahha
1 month age
Hell yeah
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Rodrigo allas I age
i hadnt laughed like this in years
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Samuel Kang 2 weeks age
mtg that was the best joke I have ever heard in my whale life knee
greed we
Singh Dalila 1 week age
Jame Milt Aweek age
i') liie Ed G., Memes 1 week age
mu sir are the first person We subscribed to because of a single Comm ent.

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