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Hilarious PAX East 2016 schedule mishap invites everyone to plan Giant Bomb’s appearance

There are going to be a lot of interesting panels at PAX East 2016. The usual Penny Arcade panel and strip-making, the voice actors from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be talking, discussions about sexism in gaming, advice on how to stream — all sorts of things. But one panel caught my eye, and I think it’ll be the PAX East panel you can’t miss:

Giant Bomb E3 2016 Planning Kickoff

Let’s scrum our travel plans, roommate assignments, social media strategy, and any other go-forward logistics. This should only take about 15 minutes. To call in, dial 209 on your desk phone. Going? Yes / Maybe / No

All of the big names at Giant Bomb will be there. Brad Shoemaker, Vinnie Caravella, Dan Ryckert, and (of course) Editor-in-Chief Jeff Gerstmann. And if you won’t be at PAX East, don’t worry! You can just dial 209 on your desk phone!

Obviously, this was meant to be an internal editorial invite and not posted to the PAX East panel schedule. But it was posted to the PAX East panel schedule, which was funny. Of course, maybe it is a big, open-to-the-public editorial planning meeting for E3 that everyone at PAX East or who has a desk phone can participate in. And if so, bravo to Giant Bomb for this bold experiment in democratizing show coverage logistical planning!

We kid, of course. And since nothing else is scheduled in Albatross Theater in that time slot, it seems that Giant Bomb is having some form of panel then. It just probably isn’t E3 2016 planning.

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