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Anon turns into a girl

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awake up
35% myself as the perfect girly teen girl
the big tits, big eyes, big vagina, all
pl muse in excitement
of walk downstairs to tell my mom about it
first she doesn' t believe me but she stares at my ass for a moment and says
That' s my seed all right!"
Itouches my tits and everything she is so happy
dad finds out as well while watching some bowling
is not so excited
all get confused as to why he wouldn' t benumbing up and down with joy
Spuddenly without warning he pulls a lever
M fall into a dungeon with about six skeletons dressed in japanese schoolgirl uniforms
wowo. png
dad pops into the dungeon dressed in a japanese school teacher uniform
kl start screaming
says "This is where traps go to die"

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