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James Cameron announces fourth Avatar sequel

James Cameron made a surprise appearance at this weekend’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas at the end of the Fox presentation to announce that Avatar is now planned as a five-film series.

“I’ve been working the last couple of years with a team of four top screenwriters to design the world of Avatar going forward: the characters, the creatures, the environment, the new cultures,” Cameron said. “So far, the art I’m seeing, is in pure imagination, really far beyond the first film.” The director hired Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Shane Salerno (Ghost Rider, Savages), and Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa (Jurassic World) to work with him in a kind of writer’s room situation more common in the world of television.

Cameron’s first Avatar debuted in 2009 and dazzles moviegoers with amazing visuals to the point that it earned $760.5 million here in the States and $2 billion around the globe. Originally presented as the first of a trilogy, the second entry was intended to hit in 2016, but the franchise was expanded to a quadrilogy in 2013. Now, the second will hit around Christmas of 2018 followed by installments in 2020, 2022, and 2023.

In addition to the four sequels currently in the works at Fox, Avatar will also become a part of Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park called Pandora – The World of Avatar. The project was first announced back in 2011, and is expected to bring attendees into the wild world of blue people and glowing trees in 2017.

A few years back, Cameron said that he’s basically only working in the world of Avatar because he can tell any kind of fictional story he wants to in that universe. He added that he would still work in the field of documentary filmmaking as well, though.

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