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Marvel Comp 5. Black Panther

On top of being ruler of his nation and being a prominent member of The Avengers, The Black Panther was a member of different organizations and superhero teams. When Fantastic Four members Reed and Sue Richards were absent, he and X-Men member Storm would fill in. He was also a member of The Fantastic Force and The Defenders. The character was also an Illuminati member, which was a top secret group made of up various Marvel Characters who banded together to search for any threat that could destroy the universe before it could happen.

The superhero’s physical attributes, strengths and abilities come from an unknown heart- shaped herb that can be found in the country of Wakanda, Africa. Once the Panther eats the herb, he is given powers granted by the Wakandan Panther God. Such powers include increased strength, speed, agility, and sharper senses. T’Challa’s connection with his God ceased but he forged a connection with another deity, who gave him a resistance against magic. However, it is rumored that the plant wasn’t a gift from the Gods but rather due to a meteorite hitting the land. Only Wakandan rulers are entitled to this mystical herb. It is also believed that the herb is poisonous to others.

In the alternative-universe called Marvel Zombies, the Black Panther is one of the very few heroes who does not get infected in the series. He maintains the food supply for Giant-Man, who is a zombie who imprisons and amputates the Panther. Cutting off his limbs was the only way the Wakandan King would not be infected and survive. Panther eventually escapes, taking the head of The Wasp with him, and then joins the Acolytes. In this universe, pretty much everyone is struck down and turned into a zombie. The defenseless team includes some big time fan favorites like Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man.

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A sealed copy of the first issue of Black Panther is worth over 18,000$ (U.S)

Regardless of what people may think or say, Black Panther has NO affiliation with the political group.

Aside from having a great physique, he is incredibly smart. He studied at England’s Oxford University, earning a PH.D in Physics. He is definitely one of Marvel’s greatest and brightest characters, joining other powerful minds such as Tony Stark, Victor Doom, Reed Richards and Hank Pym. He is a highly intelligent engineer, tactician, and physicist. Not only that, he also invented some of the most advanced weapons Wakanda has ever had, including recreating bombs that were able to destroy an entire planet.

T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, is the youngest in the family who was trained to be a martial artist before earning the title of “Panther”. The story behind her gaining the title is a long one, so to make it short here is the basic story. Namor, Prince of Atlantis, makes the attempt to recruit her brother to the super villain group called Cabal, organized by Dr. Doom. T’Challa refuses and is attacked by Doom and his gang, leaving T’Challa in a coma. His former wife, Queen Ororo, makes Shuri her brother’s successor while he recovers. Ever since then, Shuri has been a Panther, on and off, in the comics.

Even though he goes by this name, the title Black Panther is really a ceremonial one. It is only given to the chief of the Wakandan Panther tribe. In order to have this title you must rule the country, protect its borders and be the leading authority figure of many other tribes. T’Challa’s costume is symbolic, representing the head of the state. It is worn for diplomatic purposes. Earning this title isn’t easy. The individual must go through tough trials that are taxing both physically and mentally. T’Challa’s father held the title, which probably put T’Challa under more pressure to achieve it himself.

Was married to Storm for a brief period

He used to have his own show on BET (Black Entertainment Television)

The Black Panther took charge of protecting New York City in Daredevil’s place while Daredevil went to deal with some personal issues. While in the big apple, he made sure he integrated with society. He gave himself the name “Luke Charles” and began working as a teacher. Later, he went by the name “Mr. Okonkwo” and became a manager for a restaurant called The Devil’s Kitchen. During this time, T’Challa was trying to erase any identity he had that was associated with the Black Panther and beginning his own path towards self-discovery.

Despite the fact that there were other black comic book characters before him, the Black Panther is the first to succeed in the mainstream comic book world. In the 1950s, there was “Awake”, who made an appearance in Atlas Comics. Then there was “Lobo” from Dell Comics who debuted one year before Marvel’s character. However these guys weren’t considered superheroes. Other black superheroes like Luke Cage, Storm, and John Stewart are successful because of the prominence of The Black Panther. His solo film will mark a first for a black comic book character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eventually, in 2000, he was given a definite "No". The reason given was because Marvel "didn't want one man playing two different heroes in their movies." Considering Chris Evans has played 3 comic book characters (Captain America, Human Torch, and one of the ex boyfriend villains in Scott Pilgrim) it seems like just an excuse for a different reason.

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