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/his/ describes a moneyless society

Ll Anonymous C) 7/ 22/ 17( Sat) 14: 19: 44 No. 3124158 P
How would a moneyless society work?
Cl Anonymous C) 7/ 22/ 17( Sat) 14: 36: 31 No. 3124242 P
sbe me
share two cows
swint you marry the blacksmith' s daughter
sask him
setter one cow as endowment
she dent want to take care of it
sask him what he wants
pounds of honey
sge to see the bookkeeper
setter a cow fora pound of honey
she dent want a Wing cow but the meat eta whole caw is good for him
sge to see the butcher
sask him to butcher my cow
setter IO gallons of milk
she fucking accept
the milk to the butcher
the meat to the bookkeeper
the honey to the blacksmith
she refuse because while I was trading Brad came with gold and silver
ingots and the blacksmith took it because the do not degenerate with
time and men if he dent use them he knows eventually he could trade
them with someone

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