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Download these 5 great new apps to order pizza with a click, type faster, and more

This week’s top five new apps include a keyboard from Microsoft that will make your life easier; the official HTC Vive app that will blend the real world with virtual reality; an Android launcher that offers the best of the Android N developer preview; and more. Check them out below.

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Hub Keyboard

Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard has been available on Android since February of this year, but now the popular keyboard has finally made its way to iOS. Now you’ll be able to attach documents, add contact information, and paste text from your clipboard quickly on iOS, without having to leave your conversation or app. Hub Keyboard also has a built-in translator, so you can type in anything and have it translate to another language on the go.

Zero Click

Zero Click
If you usually feel too lazy to go online and order your favorite pie, download Domino’s Zero Click app to have a pizza pie delivered right to you, just by opening the app. After you initially download the app and set up your “Pizza Profile,” which includes your favorite pie, your address, and credit card information. All you need to do whenever you’re craving a cheesy slice is open the app. That’s it. A 10-second timer will go off just in case you didn’t mean to open the app, allowing you to cancel, but once the timer hits zero, your order will be placed and will be on the way soon.

HTC Vive app

Now that HTC’s Vive is shipping out to everyone, you may want to download the official HTC Vive app to pair it with. Whether you’re off traversing unexplored planets, shooting up robots, or painting a landscape in another reality, you won’t be able to see any notifications from the real world — that’s where the Vive app comes in. Connect to your VR headset via Bluetooth, and then you’ll be able to see your calls, texts, and calendar reminders while you’re off doing something else in a different world. Though, doing so might defeat the point of escaping reality.


Still having a tough time deciding on a candidate in the presidential election? There’s an app for that. Politalk gives you a curated feed that features some of today’s most pressing issues, and you can agree or disagree with them. As you cast a decision on the issues, the app will show you which candidate matches you best. The app also gives you a live feed of the candidates Twitter posts, and keeps you updated on what the democrats and the republicans running for president are up to, so you can stay informed until election day.

N Launcher

N launcher

Can’t wait to get your hands on Android N? Sadly, if you’re not using a Nexus phone, the update may take quite a while to get to you, and on top of that, you probably will have a manufacturer skin that won’t give you the stock Android launcher. Luckily, third-party launchers are ripe in the Play Store, and N Launcher is one that is based off of Google’s upcoming update. It’s based off of the most recent Developer Preview, but also has added customization features like a notification counter, icon pack support, and a slide screen concept.

If you want to take a look at more apps, you can find last weeks top five here.

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