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Anon knows Donald Trump

1-: Anonymous ? 13/ 17( Thu) 22: 4& 42 blod) 4932872 .
I know Donald Trump. He lived in a richer area of New Ahrk at one point. I bumped into him ma sandwich shop.
He was shooting the shit with the sandwich maker when I came up to give my order. I got a standard turkey on
wheat with mayo and pepper jack. it was something very simple. All the while Donald was laughing to himself and
pointing at me occasionally mumbling. ''Is this guy serious?"
I wasn' t sure why I guess he was displeased about me ordering or whail ordered. Afterr got my sandwich I sat
down and ate while he just leaned back into the windowed meat display and watched me. When I got up to throw
the trash away he stopped me and offered his hand. I was shy because I knew who he was but he introduced
himself anyways- When I shook his hand the other hand came out of pickpocket holding a mist which he used on
my neck. When I fail to the ground tense I soiled myself. He laughed, "This guy." And started kicking me in the
face quoting The Apprentice over and over. "YAU' RE FIRED, FIRED."
I woke up in the hospital next to a vase of broccoli labeled, "From Don."
Now every year he shows up to my families Thanksgiving dinner, uninvited, unannounced. and just eats, laughs to
himself, and then leaves. Last year he murdered my mother. I fear what hurricane Donald will bring this year..

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