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A load of malarkey

The title wrote itself, honestly

17 mns ago

MFW when i'm finished studying WWII

27 mns ago

I made a thing, FJ (Mystery Dungeon Remix)

29 mns ago

" Offensive as hell, pickup lines. "

36 mns ago

Knight Artorias and Sif cosplay. [Dark Souls]

51 mns ago

Women are funny get over it

58 mns ago

Formulas and their explanations

59 mns ago

"Prepare yourself monster"

1 hr ago

Salty's VG Soundtracks N64

1 hr ago

Is this the most savage redpilling ever?

1 hr ago

So I heard being people are freaked out when I do this

1 hr ago

how every ork argument ends

1 hr ago

So much for robot rights :(

2 hrs ago

I guess he wanted to get blown

2 hrs ago

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