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The Division Incursion: Falcon Lost Challenge Mode Guide

Getting through The Division’s newest update, Incursions, is a challenge in and of itself. Its own developers have commented that they struggled to make it through Falcon Lost, but gamers who want to push their skills to the limit can go even further by setting the mission to challenge difficulty.

Since getting through this Incursion in The Division can be excruciatingly difficult, this guide can help Agents get through it with the best tips and tricks to survive the constant onslaught of level 34 elites.

First of all, making sure that the Agent team has a balance of skills and talents is a must. Typically, going in with one support player, one marksman, and two assault builds will improve the chances of victory. Everyone should be equipped with one skill to assist themselves and fellow players, so figure out which members will use support station and which will use first aid.

Since Falcon Lost is an Incursion with multiple waves of enemies, it’s important to make sure that players can successfully distract the masses, especially since the elites can one-shot most players. Using shock or flame turrets and sticky bombs should be effective tools for this.

Thankfully, the basic goal of the challenge difficulty version of Falcon Lost is identical to all other difficulties. In addition, the bomb-carrying enemy still appears during the same waves as the normal version of the mission: waves 4, 8, 11, and 15. However, playing the challenge mode version of Falcon Lost requires changing up one’s strategy to recover from the devastating damage the elites put out as quickly as possible.

Once the team drops down into the sewers, they should proceed to the right. Enemies wielding shotguns will be coming from both sides, so sticking to the corner is advisable. Players equipped with support stations and turrets should set them up right away to keep enemy fire distracted and keep as many players standing as possible. Once this wave is done with, the team should move up to the trench in the center of the map.

Except for when players have to leave the safety of the trench to disable turrets or plant bombs, this is where the squad should stay for the remainder of the fight. Staying in one place will allow the squad to make the most of support stations, and the bridge overhead will protect players from the brunt of mortar strikes. There’s also a restock box nearby to reload whenever players run out of ammo.

Taking down rusher enemies should be the squad’s first priority, followed by snipers. Once the bomb-carrying enemy appears in wave 4, he should be the team’s main target, and then the focus should shift to eliminating as many of the remaining enemies as possible before anyone leaves the safety of the trench. Only the player who picks up the bomb can plant it, so this job should go to the player who has the highest defense and an active overheal, and the remaining members of the team should defend them from any lingering enemies.

The team should then split into two, with one group heading left and the other right to disable the turrets. There’s a ten-second window of inactivity, so both teams need to deactivate the turrets simultaneously, and then cover the bomb-carrier while they book it out to the dropped bomb and attach it to the APC.

Starting at wave 10, it’s necessary to slightly change the strategy. Any players with turrets equipped should switch them out, as the enemy hackers will turn the Agent team’s turrets against them. Otherwise, the above strategy should be stuck to until wave 15.

At wave 15, enemies will continue spawning until the APC is destroyed. Focus on taking down the big problem enemies: rushers, then snipers, medics, and hackers. Once they’re cleared out, the entire team needs to move to the left-hand turret switch. Disable it, rush out to plant the last APC bomb, then get back to the trench. When the APC explodes, it’ll kill off any remaining enemies, and the victorious Agents will be the proud owners of some amazing high-end loot.

Falcon Lost on challenge mode is anything but a cakewalk, but this strategy should help to keep your squad on their feet as often as possible. Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below!

The Division is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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