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Bungie Will Fix Destiny’s Sterling Treasure Bug Before The Next Weekly Reset

Fans clamoring for new things to do in Destiny finally got their wish this week as the big April Update finally arrived adding everything from new story missions, a revamped Prison of Elders arena, new and updated gear, and a raised light level cap from 320 to 335. Some of the new content like the Taken inspired Desolate armor or chroma enabled items can be found in Sterling Treasure, essentially a loot box that can be purchased or earned from participating in the weekly challenges for Prison of Elders and the Crucible or by visiting the postmaster once a week. Unfortunately for some, the postmaster isn’t doing its duty and handing out these treasure boxes as promised.

Bungie acknowledged this problem in the smaller than usual weekly update on its blog and are currently working on a fix for this bug. The good news for Destiny players is that if a Sterling Treasure has not been delivered as promised by the postmaster, the fix will ensure that players will still receive the missing box. The current plan is to deploy the update before the weekly reset which arrives next Wednesday, April 20. Once the fix arrives, Bungie has promised more details regarding the situation as well.

A few minor bugs were also located after the update went live including a reported issue where Cryptarch packages are decrypting with items that contain year 1 light levels instead of the higher values that are expected. In addition, some users have reported that their clan tags are no longer appearing, but other than that, everything is running smoothly as expected. For a game that is as highly scrutinized as Destiny can be at times, Bungie should view this as a big victory.

Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s third person shooter that has been often compared to Destiny, also received its first major content update this week as well, adding a new incursion mission called Falcon Lost along with a number of other updates and features. While the April Update for Destiny has been relatively problem free, the same cannot be said for The Division. After downloading update 1.1, websites like Reddit started to light up with panicked reports that player characters were starting to vanish after restarting the game with the new update. To Ubisoft Massive’s credit, the studio jumped on the awful bug fairly quickly and managed to correct the issue entirely after discovering that a malfunctiong server was no longer syncing over agent data. Thankfully, these player characters still exist and have been restored.

How are you enjoying the new content in Destiny so far? With the next content not expected until the Fall, what are you hoping Bungie adds next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Destiny: The Taken King is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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