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Open Discussion: April 15

Now that April is officially in full-swing, one of the busiest weeks yet has left us with plenty to talk about in the newest Game Rant Open Discussion!

We’ve selected our pick of some of our favorite flavors of the week to use as a starting point for the discussion. As we reach the middle of April, we’re talking about the large April updates from both The Division and Destiny, as well some exciting news coming forth from Gears of War 4 and Dark Souls 3. There’s plenty more than that going on throughout the gaming industry though, and our readers are quite welcome to talk about other happenings of the week!

Without further ado, here’s some of the biggest news items from the past 7 days:

Now that Ubisoft Massive has released the big April update for The Division, gung-ho agents have been able to tackle the game’s first large incursion, which is Division-lingo for a new raid introduced into the game. The mission brings plenty of explosive drone-based combat into the mix, and most gamers are likely finding it to be the most difficult task the game has asked of them yet – which makes it no surprise that some are taking advantage of a glitch to make things easier.

The incursion was reportedly too difficult for many of the developers, who failed to beat Falcon Lost after several tries. To help out any struggling agents, we’ve taken the liberty of making a Falcon Lost Incursion Guide, and we’ve also released a write-up on how to beat Challenge Mode for those that are really going for broke. It’s not an easy mission to begin with, but hopefully those guides help bring up the survival rate for agents everywhere – or at least, those agents who weren’t deleted by the latest bug.

Just because the original Gears of War trilogy was contained around the story of Marcus Fenix doesn’t mean he’s completely out of the picture now that the series is centered around his son. Just shortly after revealing that the beloved protagonist was featured on the game’s cover, The Coalition has now released a stunning trailer entitled ‘Tomorrow‘. It centers around the new main character, J.D., as he retreats through his old farmstead that flashbacks reveal to have been built by Marcus and Anya.

It’s an emotional trailer, made even better by some clever and touching references: Marcus etches J.D.’s initials into the tree using his old friend Dominic Santiago’s knife (what does the ‘D’ in ‘JD’ stand for, anyway?), and the trailer title itself – Tomorrow – is a reference to one of Anya’s closing lines from Gears of War 3. The imagery brought applause from series creator Cliff Blezinski, who tweeted out his response towards the trailer earlier on in the week.

Gears of War 4 is set to release for Xbox One on October 11, 2016.

As if April 12th didn’t bring out enough releases, Bungie got in on the action with the long-awaited April update. It brought in no shortage of new content, so we wrote up a guide detailing everything gamers need to know about it. Aside of increasing the level cap all the way to 335, players can head for the Reef to speak to Variks, who will send players on new quests added into the game.

The issue of the Sterling Treasure Bug has now been identified as well, but it looks like gamers will have to wait until a future date for Bungie to implement a fix that will retroactively give anyone missing their hard-earned treasure their goods. The community manager also confirmed that the next large update for Destiny wouldn’t be arriving until the Fall, so it’s going to be awhile before new content arrives to keep the online action going strong.

Now that players have had ample chance to test their mettle with Dark Souls 3, Bandai Namco has now released information about the game’s first official batch of downloadable content. The hyper-difficult title has been putting many players out to pasture (here’s a guide on how to beat the first boss, by the way), but those who triumph are clearly eager for the next challenge, and Bandai Namco is ready to give it to them.

The first expansion for the game is set to release this Fall, with a second batch of DLC still slated to arrive sometime after that. Gamers can purchase the season pass for the game right now for $25, though nothing has been revealed about what either DLC will contain aside of that they will introduce new maps, bosses, enemies, weapons and and armor sets.  Since Dark Souls 3 brings in the conclusion of the series, one has to expect big things from the upcoming DLC – so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the second patch didn’t arrive until the holiday season or beyond.

In the spirit of Open Discussion, we invite our readers to click that big ol’ ‘Load Comments’ button below the article to join in on the conversation, which allows readers to discuss the goings-on from the last week, regardless of whether or not those happenings involve video games or not.

We’d like to remind our readers to please refrain from discussing any inappropriate topics or posting inappropriate photos, as we’d like to keep the conversation as civil as possible. Sometimes, we like to let our moderators have a nap!

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